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Your Comprehensive Guide to


• $100 down program
• Closing Costs Paid by Seller

• Affordable Payments
• Free Agent Representation

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What You Need to Know
About HUD and REO

Learn what every buyer needs to know about HUD and REO Foreclosures and the exceptional values these homes offer. Unlike customary transactions, HUD homes need additional knowledge and expertise.

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Search REO and HUD
Homes in Your Area

Visit our HUD REO search pages and start searching for a home in your area. Our representation is always free, so if your see a home that meets your needs or you want to view.

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Why You Need HUD
Approved Agents

Protect your investment by choosing experienced and knowledgeable HUD Approved Agents to help navigate the swiftly changing Texas HUD and REO marketplace.

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Make a GREAT Investment

Unlike customary transactions, HUD and bank-owned REO properties require additional knowledge and expertise to successfully close a sale. Because of this, it is crucial for home buyers to be educated on the guidelines and restrictions when purchasing a HUD or bank-owned REO home. An experienced real estate agent can provide you an opportunity to buy your dream home at a substantially reduced price and in the long term, set you up for a great investment. Learn more…

$100 Down Program

The is a specific program offered by HUD. Texas currently offers this sales incentive on HUD Homes for a limited period of time. It is available only to owner-occupant buyers that utilize an FHA loan and offer full asking price. Learn more…

Seller Paid Closing Costs

Both HUD and REO properties allow for the seller to pay closing costs. HUD will pay up to 3% of the buyers closing costs if using an FHA loan, how every, you cannot use this in conjunction with the $100 down program. Many REO sellers will pay from 3% up to 6% of the buyers closing costs, depending on the type of loan and on the actual offer. Learn more…

Affordable Payments

Low interest rates and significantly discounted prices make now a great time to purchase a HUD or REO home in Texas. Another wave of foreclosed properties is expected to hit the housing market this year as banks unload their backlog. Get a head start by contacting a HUD and REO specialist. Learn more…

Free Agent Representation

It is important to have representation when purchasing any home so that someone experienced can look after your best interest. When you choose to have a buyers' agent represent you, you will want to ask for a written agreement that clearly states that agent's obligations to you.

• The buyer's representation agreement states that the agent is paid by the Seller.

• It will also state that the buyer's agent must disclose any material information known to the buyer.

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Consult a real estate professional to find out more about the different types of loan programs that may be available to you. Learn more…

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